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Painting & Wine @Miraflores 1150


Surrounded by the flowers of Mira Flores Mariahilferstrasse 192, 1150 you will paint, enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the unique location. Coffee lovers should try out GOTA COFFEE EXPERTS next door, the coffee is delicious!

€49-59 includes all materials and a glass of wine (Of course it is possible to buy more!)

€360 for private group of 6(additional people can be added on naturally!) includes a choice of one painting below or bespoke artwork tailored for your group, all materials and a glass of wine each (Naturally it is possible to buy more!) BOOK HERE
If you would like to have catering for a private group please contact miraflores@gota.coffee
07.10.2023 Summer Bouquet! (18.30-21.00) Relax while sitting amongst the beautiful flowers in Mira Flores, be inspired by the blooms surrounding you and let Emma guide you through each step to create your own fantastic artwork! BOOK HERE
07.10.2023 18.30-21.00 (Further dates 18.05.2024)
13.10.2023 Frida Kahlo Bright and colourful Frida. Come and feel positive and express yourself Frida style! BOOK HERE
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13.10.2023 18.30-21.00 (further dates 10.11.2023, 15.12.2023, 02.03.2024, 20.04.2024)
19.10.2023 Starry Night Come and express yourself embracing Van Gogh’s bold painting technique to create a painting full of emotion. BOOK HERE
19.10.2023 18.30-21.00 (Further dates 06.04.2024)
09.12.23 Christmas Wreath (18.30-21.00) Come and get in the spirit of the season, Christmas songs playing in the background, mulled wine and cookies. Enjoy being guided step by step by Emma and having a lot of fun. BOOK HERE
09.12.23 18.00-21.00
18.01.2024 Pointillism Style! (18.30-21.00) Think dots and dashes, tranquility and light and pastel shades. Let Emma guide you through this technique.
17.02.2024 Floral still life (18.30-21.00) Gorgeous flowers, tranquil atmosphere and a glass of wine. Come on a little art journey with Emma. Paint this lovely still life, sip, paint, relax & repeat! BOOK HERE
16.03.2023 You can Toucan! (18.30-21.00) Jungle vibes, come and enjoy painting this fabulous bird of paradise. Follow Emma as she guides you, feel free to add your own colours or pattern in the background, you are the artist right? BOOK HERE
16.03.2023 (Further dates 16.03.2024)
23.05.2024 Henri Matisse – I think I saw a pussy cat, I did, I did, I DID! We will recreate Matisse’s spirit with this cheeky yellow cat and goldfish. BOOK HERE
23.05.2024 18.30-21.00

A relaxing way to get creative and meet new people. The emphasis on this class is fun and relaxation. No previous experience necessary. Emma will be there to guide you, giving tips and encouragement all the way. A glass of wine will be included. You will leave feeling positive with a new piece of artwork to hang.

email emma@emmasartroom.at to find out further information

Eine entspannte Art, kreativ zu werden und neue Leute kennenzulernen. Der Schwerpunkt dieses Kurses liegt auf Spaß und Entspannung. Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich. Emma wird da sein, um Sie zu führen und Ihnen Tipps und Ermutigungen zu geben. Ein Glas Wein ist inklusive. Sie werden sich mit einem neuen Kunstwerk zum Aufhängen positiv fühlen.

E-Mail an emma@emmasartroom.at um weitere Informationen zu erhalten